How to Get A Beautiful Teachable School If You’re NOT a Designer or Developer

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A beautiful sales page designed to convert visitors into students
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Carefully-crafted plug-and-play copy to pitch your course

Your Teachable School Looks… Well, Boring

You’ve Tried Building Your Own Pages But Somehow Everything Just Looks… Meh

You’ve toiled away for months working on your course content. Putting in hours and hours of recording and editing to get the materials as close to perfect as can be. Now, you have a course you’re truly proud of and it’s time to set it up on Teachable and launch to your eagerly-waiting audience…

The curriculum upload and school settings are all a breeze, but then… then comes the sales page design… and you realise you have no idea how to build a professional sales page that actually converts visitors into students.

The Page Editor Won't Do What You Want

“Why can’t I resize any images? They’re huge!”
“Where have the testimonial and author bio blocks gone?”
“How do I make this look GOOD?!”

Everything You Build Looks So Boring & Plain

You know it would probably be a breeze for a professional designer to make your school beautiful… but it’ll come with a hefty price tag that you just can’t justify until your course is making money.

You Dread The Thought Of People Visiting Your Unprofessional-Looking School

You’re proud of your course content but the idea of sending your audience to such a plain sales page is making you want to put off launching.

You Feel Like You Must Be Missing Something

There must be a way to build a beautiful Teachable school… you’ve seen them out in the wild! But no matter how hard you try… you can’t connect the dots and build those beautiful pages yourself.


What If You Could Have An Online School You’d Be Proud To Send People To?

What if your page design matched the quality of your course and gave the right impression about the world-class quality of the  content itself?

What if students could visit your sales page and be empowered to enroll in your course there and then, thanks to the thorough and compelling copy and professional design?

What if you could say goodbye to unreadable walls of text that BORE your readers away from your sales page and kill conversions?

Hi, I’m Siobhán.

(That’s pronounced “Shiv-awn”!)

Three years ago, I was made one of the first official “Teachable Experts”… a small group of experts recommended to course creators by Teachable themselves. We quickly noticed a problem common to almost ALL of the course creators who came to us for help…

Our clients were struggling to create the beautiful, compelling sales pages they knew would make all the difference in their launch.

There was a gap between what they wanted their page to convey and what they were able to build in Teachable themselves… so, we made it our mission to fill that gap and build our clients the beautiful, compelling sales pages they needed.

Since then, we’ve built a whole host of sales pages for all manner of course creators—from squeeze pages for mini courses all the way through to full-length sales pages for flagship courses.

Examples of Our Custom Sales Page Designs

Default Design Doesn’t Suit Every School—We Design Custom Pages In Either Brand New Styles Or To Match An Existing Brand

We can work to your exact design specification or work up a custom design from scratch. Using custom code, we insert new block layouts for your content and then make them beautiful with CSS, and we always keep things as simple as possible so you can edit the code yourself in future.

What’s Included

Everything You Need To Wow Your Visitors

You’re here for a sales page… but we know you really want more than that. You want a front end that really communicates the quality students should expect from your course—and that includes your home page too.

1x Full Sales Page

When we take the reigns, your sales page will include 13 compelling sections carefully crafted to guide your visitors towards enrolling in your course. Or, if you fancy yourself as a designer, you can take the reigns and let us know exactly how you’d like your page to be built and we’ll work to your specification.

1x Simple Home Page

What good is a beautiful sales page if the rest of your school looks boring, mismatched or… well, ugly. Once we’ve built your sales page, we’ll set up a simple but gorgeous home page to match, with two or three sections to drive visitors towards your course directory or an individual sales page.

4x Tutorial Videos

We want you to have the freedom to edit your own sales page in future, so we always include a handful of tutorials videos that show you how to edit the content, the style, the colours, fonts and more.

Plug-And-Play Copy

Our standard package includes plug-and-play copy so all you need to do is fill in the blanks, or you can work with our in-house writer for an additional fee.


Only $347

Limited Spaces Available

We’re only able to take on a limited number of projects each week, so book now to avoid disappointment—these spots really do fill up!

How It Works

We Run A Tight Ship To Ensure Your Pages Are Ready ASAP!


Choose Your Set-Up Start Date

Choose an available Monday in the upcoming months and that’s when we’ll start building your pages, with the aim of wrapping up that very same week.


Pay To Finalise Your Booking

We take payment in full at the point of booking and you can make this payment via PayPal (or with a credit/debit card if you choose to checkout as a guest on PayPal).


Tell Us About Your Likes/Dislikes

We’ll arrange a kick-off call before your start date where we’ll talk through everything we need to know about your course, brand and preferences.


We Build Your First Draft

On your chosen start date, we’ll start building your pages to your exact specifications. We usually wrap this step up by midweek, ready for you to check out our progress and send over any feedback you have.


We Make Any Final Changes

Once you’ve sent over any feedback on our first draft, we’ll finish up and make any requested changes in time for the end of that same week. By this point, you’ll have a front end that’s ready to convert visitors into students!

All completed in one week for only $347! 🎨

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know About This Service

How long will it take to get my pages?

When you book, you’ll be able to choose your own start date and we’ll complete your pages that same week. We start all of our projects on a Monday, so you can generally expect to have a first draft by Wednesday and a fully completed project by that same Friday.

While it rarely happens, it’s important to remember that your project will have our full attention for the duration of the week that you’ve booked for, but if we don’t get first-draft feedback from you in time for the project to be wrapped up that same week, we won’t be able to prioritise you in the same way in future weeks. That doesn’t mean we won’t finish your page, but we do prioritise clients specifically in the week that they’ve booked for, so we’d need to fit you in around our other clients, which may delay work on your pages.

How does payment work?

Using the form below, you’ll be able to make payment in full before booking your start date with us. Payments are made via PayPal, though once you’ve been directed to PayPal, you should also be given the option of checking out as a guest with a debit or credit card.

Can I submit my own design ideas?

Yes! Our briefing process aims to get all of your best creative ideas down on paper so we can work to your specific preferences. You’ll have the choice of giving us a full brief (the colours, fonts and imagery you like, for example), or deferring entirely to us if you’d like us to take the reigns and make the design choices for you.

Will I be able to edit the page when you're done?

Absolutely. However, it’s important to note that the majority of our page-building is done with custom code, so in order to make changes, you’ll need to dive into the code yourself. Don’t panic, though. We know code can be overwhelming for some course creators, so we do everything we can to make sure you’re able to confidently make these changes yourself in future.

The first way we do that is by providing you with a handful of training videos that show you exactly how to edit the content and styling. Follow along with our videos and you’ll be able to edit text, images, colours, fonts and more.

Secondly, we’ll provide you with a separate back-up copy of all of your code in the form of a Google Doc. That means that if anything goes wrong with your editing, you can always remove your broken code and replace it with our original code just by copying and pasting.

How is the page actually built?

We use custom code for all of our builds, since that’s the best way for us to have total freedom in terms of design choice and create pages that truly “wow” your audience.

Inside Teachable’s page editor, we’ll create each section of the page as it’s own Custom HTML block with code inside. We’ll also be adding a bunch of custom CSS to your school, which is the code that specifies how things should look on the page (colours, fonts, styling, etc).

Remember, though, that we include training videos so that you can feel comfortable editing the content yourself in future. We know that many course creators find code overwhelming so we’ve put certain measures in place to make sure you know how to handle your pages!

Will you write the copy for me?

Our standard design package provides you with plug-and-play copy where you can fill in the blanks to craft a conversion-focused sales page. With this option, you won’t need a professional writer to do it for you! You’ll be given the structure of a great sales page and be able to add your own content to finish it yourself.

The other option is for us to write your copy for you. We have experienced writers on our team who are happy to take on your copy themselves, though this is not included in the package price and will incur an additional fee of $197. If you’d like to take advantage of this option, you’ll be asked to book a call with one of our writers so they can learn about your business, your course and your audience, in order to craft the most compelling copy for your pages.

What if I'm unhappy with the design?

We take a number of steps to ensure this is unlikely to happen. First, we have a very thorough briefing process that aims to get as much detail as possible about what a great page looks like for you. We work to that specification as closely as possible and, once we’ve sent you the first draft to review, you can submit a full round of edit requests—this is the step where you tell us anything you don’t like about the page. This process ensures that the final page is one you’re happy with.

Can I duplicate the page or individual blocks in future?

Definitely! You’ll see that each of the sections in your sales page is made of a block of code that can be pasted anywhere in your school. That means you can copy elements of the page we make for you and use them to piece together your own pages in future.

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