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Hide elements you know your students won’t want or use
Change the style of any element so it looks how you want
Dynamically insert information into pages, emails and certificates

Do You Wish Teachable Was Just A Little Bit Different?

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“Can you add a Continue button to the bottom of each lecture rather than it only being at the top?”


“Can you hide the progress bars that show students how far through my course they are?”


“Can you change my buttons so they’re not rounded and they go transparent when you hover over them—just like on my website?”


“Can you hide the search bar and dropdowns that show up on the course directory page? I don’t have enough courses to justify it being there.”


“Can you build me a custom email template using my design but with the course details automatically added?”


“If I draw out a layout for a testimonials section or design it in Canva, can you write the code for me to paste into Teachable?”


“Can you build me a custom certificate using my design from Canva but with the student’s details inserted automatically?”

Answer: Yes!

We Can Make All Of Those Changes And More

Customization You Didn’t Know Was Possible

Teachable is an amazingly versatile platform… if you know how to make the most of it. And we really do.

“Can Teachable do that?” Probably! With custom code, the world is your oyster. We can add custom styles to any page, hide elements from your students, insert content on pages you thought were uneditable.

Teachable is one of the most customizable platforms around. Not sure if it can look the way you want? Ask us! We bet it can.

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