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25 Beautiful Color Overlays for Your Teachable Banners

Bored of plain old black or white overlays on your Teachable pages? Add one of our 25 custom color, gradient or pattern overlays.

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14 Custom Layouts for Your Teachable Sales Page

No more boring walls of text! Install these responsive multi-column layouts in just 2 minutes and make your sales page more professional.

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The Ultimate Teachable Set-Up Checklist

This checklist gives you a rundown of every essential setting in Teachable, including tips for sales pages, the back end and much more.

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The Ultimate Course Launch Profit Calculator

Do you know your numbers? Use this course launch calculator to work out how much profit you’ll make based on your price, ad costs and more.

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The Course Creator’s Guide to Countdown Timers

Why should people buy your course right now? Add a sense of urgency to your sales page with a countdown timer—this guide will show you how.

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