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How to Integrate Teachable & Google Analytics

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Ever wondered how many visitors have actually viewed your Teachable sales page?

Curious about how long people stay on your school before buying or leaving?

Integrating Teachable and Google Analytics is a super easy way to get access to this information and much more.

In this tutorial, we’ll go through setting up your Teachable Google Analytics integration step by step so you can follow along.

We’ll cover creating your Google Analytics account, identifying your tracking code, adding that code to Teachable and then viewing your traffic data.

How to Integrate Teachable & Google Analytics

Step 1: Set up your Google Analytics account

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, you’ll need to create one. Head to Google Analytics and log in with your Google account (or create one). Next, Google will guide you through the Analytics set-up process.

First, your account (business) details. Here you’ll want to add your business or personal information, as opposed to your school information. That’s because within your account, you can have multiple websites (for example, your main business website and your Teachable school).

Next, your property (school) details. Tell Google this is a web property rather than an app, then enter all of your school’s details – name, URL, industry and time zone. Don’t worry too much about the industry, as it’s just for benchmarking your analytics against other similar businesses. You can change these settings later if necessary.

Once you’ve accept all of Google’s terms and conditions, you’re in! You have a Google Analytics account ready to integrate with Teachable.

Step 2: Find your tracking ID in Analytics

First we need to grab your tracking ID from Analytics. If you just created your property, you probably ended up on the Property Settings page, which is great because your tracking ID is right there! It’s the string of letters and numbers starting with UA-.

If you need to navigate back to this page to find your tracking ID, just click the Settings icon in the bottom left of the screen. Then click Tracking Code in the Properties column. There’s your code!

Step 3: Add your tracking ID to Teachable

Now we’ve got your tracking code, we need to head to Teachable. Open up your dashboard, then go to SettingIntegrations.

Scroll down to the Google Analytics section and tick the checkbox there. You’ll see an input area appear where you can paste your tracking ID (including the UA-). And finally, click Save in the top right of the screen.

Step 4: Test your tracking

Your Teachable Google Analytics integration should now be working perfectly, but it’s always good to test the connection. We run this test by simply visiting the home page of our Teachable school and then checking that Google Analytics can “see” us.

So leave your school home page open in one tab, then open up Google Analytics in another. In your sidebar, go to Real Time > Overview. You should be able to see one active user – you!

And that’s it! You’re all set up in with Teachable / Google Analytics and you’ll be able to see exactly how visitors are behaving when they visit your school.

Now that you have your Analytics set up, why not take a look around to see all of the different insights it will be able to give you aboue your students’ behaviour?

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