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How to Embed an Instagram Feed on a Teachable Page

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Adding an Instagram feed to your Teachable school is a great way to showcase your latest updates and add a little variety to your pages.

It’s also the perfect way to get students following you so that you can promote future products and services.

Please note! This Instagram feed solution will cost you around $6/mo if you want the photos to actually link back to your Instagram. The free version of SnapWidget will allow you to embed a feed, but students will be taken to SnapWidget when they click.

How to Embed an Instagram Feed on a Teachable Page

Step 1: Create a SnapWidget feed

First, head over to SnapWidget and create an account.

Set up your widget in whatever format you’d like (that”s a grid layout if you want it looking like a real Instagram feed). Play around with the settings until you’re happy with the layout and style.

If you don’t mind your feed linking back to SnapWidget when students click it, all you need to do is grab your code snippet. No need to pay for a Pro account.

But if you’d like your students to actually be taken to your Instagram account when they click, you’ll need to upgrade to a Pro plan (starts at $6/mo) before you grab your widget code.

Step 2: Installing your widget code in Teachable

Now you have your code snippet, head over to your Teachable school.

Open up the editor for the page you’d like to edit. and insert a Liquid/HTML block.

Paste your widget code into the block, hit save, and preview your page.

Et voila! Your Instagram feed should now show up on your Teachable page.

Quick tip: To center your widget, try wrapping your code in center tags, like this:

<center>YOUR WIDGET CODE HERE</center>
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