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How to Add a Logo to Your Teachable Footer

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Teachable footers are super simple. Your school name, legal notices and some social media links. But plenty of course creators also want to include their logo in their footer.

With built-in Teachable features? Not possible.

With a sneaky bit of CSS? Totally possible!

How to Add a Logo to Your Teachable Footer

Step 1: Getting the custom code

Highlight and copy the following code to your clipboard, ready to paste into Teachable:

ul.footer__list:first-of-type:before {
    content: url(;
    display: block;
    margin-bottom: 5px;
Step 2: Adding your logo to the code

In order to add your own logo, you’ll need to resize it to around 200px width and have an image URL for it. There are a few ways to turn the logo saved on your computer into one with a URL.

Option 1: Upload the image to Teachable.
Open up any page editor in Teachable (a sales page builder or home page editor, for example). Add your image as an image block, then save and view the page. Right click on the image on the page and then click Copy Image Address. Your image’s URL is now on your clipboard ready to be pasted.

Option 2: Upload the image to an image hosting site.
Personally, I like to use ImgBB. Just upload your image and then use the Embed codes dropdown to display the HTML Full Linked code. Your image URL is the one right after the bit that says <img src” and it likely ends in either .jpg or .png.

Now you have your image URL, simply replace the URL in the code snippet with your own. If you’re using our free code snippet, you’ll want to put your logo right between the brackets, replacing all of the yellow URL below:

content: URL(;
Step 3: Installing your custom code

This is the easy part!

  1. Copy the code to your clipboard.
  2. Open up your Teachable dashboard.
  3. Head to Site > Code Snippets.
  4. Paste your code into the CSS section.
  5. Click Save.

That’s it! Your logo should appear nicely in your footer. If it doesn’t look great, try tweaking some of the CSS margins to move it around a little, or try uploading the logo at a different size.

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