There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Thank goodness you can use some of ours. I mean, there’s a lot that goes into running an online business—strategy, planning, itty bitty technical tasks… why limit yourself to only the hours in your day?

About You

You wanted to start this business for freedom and yet here you are… running yourself into the ground.


When did it all get so… busy?

You started your business a while ago now. And you did it all on your own. You wrote every blog post, every autoresponder, every ebook yourself. You spent hours working out how to get that bloody opt-in plugin to behave. You would have given up your firstborn child if you thought it’d get you a retweet from Pat Flynn.

And then, after a lot of blood, sweat and hustle… it finally started working. Except now (a year or two later) you look up and realise that doing it alone just isn’t working any more. You’ve become the bottleneck.

But outsourcing is scary. It’s a big step. You need someone reliable and just as focused on quality as you are. We get that.

Our area of expertise is in matching up online business owners like you (infopreneurs, bloggers, course creators, coaches) with high-quality virtual assistants who can take on some of the mid-to-lower level tasks in your business. But without needing their hand held or every detail of their work checked (as can often be the case with more… entry-level virtual assistants).

So that when you hire a VA to get away from small picture tasks, you don’t spend that time micromanaging them or constantly checking their work.

Why Work With Us

Our clients work with us for three main reasons. Lack of time, lack of expertise or, well… just plain not wanting to do it themselves.

No desire to do it yourself.

Your business grew out of a passion, vision, or expertise. It most likely did not come from a desire to spend hours on end fiddling with plugin settings and domain name redirects.

There’s no point wasting time doing work you hate when you could spend all day doing work that lights you up.

You know what lights us up? The stuff you hate. So let us do it for you and get back to what makes you happy. 

Not enough technical skill to do it yourself.

If you’ve spent any time in the online business world, you’ve no doubt heard there are fortunes to be made from online courses, membership sites,  affiliate marketing, and so on.

Except, when you try to set these things up yourself, you get lost in a sea of code, unintuitive software, and who knows how many Zapier automations.

We live and breathe these tools, so save yourself the headache and let us take care of the tech for you. 

No time to do it yourself.

Running a business is a lot of work and there comes a point when you physically cannot do any more. If you want to grow, you need someone else to handle the lower-level and more time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on the big picture.

Whether it’s managing your inbox, creating blog posts, or scheduling social media, we can take tasks off your plate, so you can get that needle moving again.

Our Work

If you can delegate it, we can implement it. Think of us like tech-savvy grammar police (with a good eye for design to boot) who can figure out whatever’s thrown at us.

Websites & Blogs

Formatting blog posts, updating plugins, building web pages… 

Social Media

Designing graphics, scheduling posts, moderating Facebook groups… 

Email Marketing

Scheduling emails, setting up autoresponders, managing tags…  

Online Courses

Uploading content, designing sales pages, setting up integrations… 

Lead Generation

Email outreach, creating opt-in forms, landing page design, CRM set-up… 

Writing & Editing

Outlining and writing blog posts, proofreading copy… 

Podcasts & Video

Writing show notes, editing videos, scheduling podcast episodes…  

Admin & Research

Managing inboxes, finding contact details, researching keywords… 

Technical Support

Setting up software, managing migrations, troubleshooting…


We’re also proud to be approved Teachable Experts, helping clients go from raw course content to a launch-ready course in under two weeks.

Uploading Content

Custom Domain Set-Up

Sales Page Design

Email Integrations

Theme Development

Affiliate Set-Up

Building Extra Pages

Adding Custom Fonts

All Things Teachable!

Meet The Team

Joanna James-Lynn

Has worked as a VA for seven years.

Jo has worked with a wide range of business owners from tech bloggers to interior designers. Some of her first clients are still with her today.

Most enjoys content marketing.

Her absolute favourite tasks to do are researching and writing blog posts, preparing questions for podcast interviews, and repurposing content.

Studied languages to Masters level at uni.

Words have always been Jo’s thing. She studied French, German, and Slovenian at university, and has a master’s degree in sociolinguistics.

Passionate about spaniels and writing fiction.

In her free time, she loves reading, writing, and listening to podcasts. She can usually be found buried underneath two Cocker Spaniels.

Meet The Team

Siobhan James-Lynn

Has worked in marketing for five years.

Siobhan worked for a marketing firm and software company before quitting her job and teaming up with Jo to found Taskerly in 2016.

Most loves tech tasks like automation and coding.

She gets a kick from automating the seemingly impossible using spreadsheets and Zapier, and prettifying websites using CSS.

Studied English Literature at university.

At university, Siobhan critiqued the hell out of books and poems, so if you want someone to proofread or edit your copy, she’s your woman.

Passionate about mountain bikes and spreadsheets.

In her spare time, Siobhan can usually be found bombing down hills on her bike in the local forest or fiddling with spreadsheets.

Meet The Team

Charlotte Clark

Has worked as a VA for three years.

While she was at uni, Charlotte dreamed of becoming a virtual assistant and she joined the Taskerly team as soon as she graduated. 

Runs her own successful book blog.

Charlotte has been blogging at Wonderfully Bookish for four years. She also runs two podcasts, a BookTube channel, and an in-person book club.

Graduated with a degree in Film Production.

With three years’ experience creating films and analysing the likes of Doctor Who, Charlotte is our go-to video person.

Passionate about books and amateur theatre.

Besides reading, blogging, and podcasting, Charlotte enjoys going to the cinema with her twin sister and performing with her local theatre group. 

Ready to reach a whole new level of getting things done?

Who doesn’t want more hours in the day? Work with us and you can have as many as you’d like. Simply click the button below, let us know how we can help, and we’ll be in touch.


What People Are Saying About Us

Delegating is one of the hardest things for me to do, but I feel great delegating to the folks at Taskerly! I know I’m in great hands.

Siobhan is fabulous and very knowledgeable on many levels. When one of my projects (an analysis) went  sideways, she went above and beyond the call of duty to rectify the situation.

Siobhan is the first person I contact whenever I have a project that can be outsourced, and I know I’m going to get a thorough job done in a timely, professional, and also fun way.

I feel confident giving tasks of all levels of complexity to Taskerly!

Nora Dunn

Blogger, The Professional Hobo

One of the most difficult things you face when you have your own business is trusting someone enough to help you run it, so that you can get on with the work! I was lucky enough to find Taskerly and they made it easy. My Taskerly virtual assistant is thorough, responsive, proactive and intuitive. This is intelligent 5-star executive support.

I feel we have a true partnership. My VA ‘gets’ my work and what I do, and has given me the most amazing help and support from marketing and website updates to social media and daily administration. She is highly professional and I recommend her without reservation!

Mary Joyce

Leadership Consultant, Leading Minds

Jo is smart, efficient, creative, and has replaced me in many parts of my online business. In all cases, she’s doing a better job than I was!

Jo has done graphic design, branding, social media, web design, and more for me. No matter what challenges I throw at her she totally kills it every time.

I’ve been especially impressed with Jo’s blog research and copywriting skills. She is truly amazing! I wouldn’t hesitate to call her my secret weapon.

Ethan Waldman


This is Jason coming at you from Norway, and I run businesses from all over the world and I couldn’t do it without Joanna’s help.

She’s a critical part of my team. She’s not just a freelancer – she’s a part of everything that I do, every project that I do, and I couldn’t do it without her.

She’s like a Swiss Army knife… or more like an English army knife. I guess what I’m saying is she’s multi-talented. She has top level skills across the board in almost anything that you need, and she’s a unique individual.

She’s friendly, she’s professional, super easy to work with.

And most importantly, I trust her not only with the work that I do, but on a personal level. She’s just incredible to work with. So trustworthy, dependable, reliable, super friendly, and multi-talented.

Joanna is indispensable and I couldn’t run my businesses without her.

Jason Moore

Blogger, Zero to Travel

One of the hardest things to admit as an entrepreneur is knowing that YOU are the bottleneck that’s holding your business back. Yet to hand over operational activities to someone else takes a leap of faith.

I chose to work with Taskerly because they offered the expertise I needed, their payment structure is clear and their client management is all online. Charlotte came on board and made an immediate impact.

Tasks I’d been putting off for months were completed within hours. Abstract ideas I’d be playing around with were crystallized into ready-to-go blog posts. And gaps in my own knowledge were quickly plugged by Charlotte’s extensive writing experience.

As a result, I feel excited about working with Taskerly over the coming year to really accelerate the implementation of all my big visions and make a bigger impact in the world.

Gabriella Goddard

Founder & CEO, Brainsparker

Earlier this year I decided to take the plunge and work with a VA for the first time. I’M SO GLAD I DID! Jo and the Taskerly team have made me love my job again.

Jo takes care of the tasks that need to be done that I simply don’t have time for while I’m growing my business. She is a superb writer, super-fast, and she must be an organizational genius (and professional juggler) that she takes everything I throw at her and makes sense out of it.

She gets things done way faster  (and often better) than I would do them myself… and I know if there is something she doesn’t know, someone on the team does. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kim Carroll

TESOL Trainer, English For Life


What else should you know?

Whereabouts are you based?

All of our team work full-time here in the UK – some of us in England and some in Wales. We’re spread all over and work completely remotely, which means we can work with clients from all of the world. In fact, most of our clients happen to be based in the USA but we also work with people in Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Korea… we’re truly borderless!

How will I communicate with my VA?

We tend to stick with email for most of our clients, with an occasional Skype call thrown in for more in-depth discussions. But we really do leave it up to you – if you’d prefer to have us in your Asana, Slack or any other tool, we’re happy to run with that. It’s all about how you work best.

What are your working hours?

As a general rule, our UK working hours are from 9am-5pm (that’s 4am-1pm Eastern). We do benefit from being able to work flexibly though, so sometimes these hours vary and we can make some accommodations for clients in wildly different time zones (mainly looking at you, Australians!).

Have you worked with 'XYZ' software before?

Probably! It’s not often we’re faced with a brand new piece of software, having been in this profession for so long. Ultimately, though, we have a huge bank of transferable skills so even if we’ve never worked with a particular tool before, we’ll almost definitely have worked with one of its competitors or something very similar. We pick up tech very quickly.

Do you outsource any work to other VAs?

No! Not ever. When you send work to your Taskerly VA, we guarantee it will be a Taskerly employee actually doing the work. We don’t send it off to far-flung reaches of the globe – everything happens “in-house”.

Will I get one dedicated VA?

Yes. You’ll have one VA as your main point of contact, but they benefit from being able to draw on the expertise of other team members where necessary, or call in help for particularly tight deadlines. We’ll also make sure tasks are covered when your VA takes any time off, which can be difficult with solo contractors.

Can you show me how to do 'XYZ'?

Sure! We’re happy to record instructional videos or even arrange live lessons via video call. We know some people can find new software intimidating so we’re happy to help.

What turnaround times can I expect?

This obviously depends on what the task is so we can’t give a specific answer here, but suffice to say that we meticulously plan our workloads to make sure we hit every deadline. If you don’t have a set deadline, we’ll generally aim to get tasks back to you by the following day.

Do you speak any languages other than English?

We have one team member who speaks German to a good standard, French to a moderate standard, and Slovenian to a pretty basic standard. We’re totally anal about English grammar but we should include a big caveat here that our work in foreign languages would need to be checked.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take all of our payments through PayPal. We send out weekly reports to all of our active clients letting them know how many hours we used in the previous week and how many they have remaining. Also included is a payment link where clients can top up via PayPal.

Apply to work with

a Taskerly VA.

To match you up with the right VA, we need to know a bit about you, your business, and the kind of support you’re looking for. Fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in touch. Let’s do this!


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